Monday, October 6, 2008

There is no point, so why post?

Date? 10/6/08, Monday
Time? 10:11 PM
Current Mood? I have no idea.
Current Music? Boys Like Girls - Five Minutes To Midnight

Last week, on Tuesday and Wednesday, I was stuck at home with food poisoning. Luckily, there was loads of chaos last week so we had a sub, for a sub, for a sub, for a sub, for a teacher. Loads of subs, due to our first sub's wife going into labor. And that day all everyone did was sit in class.

I would have rather been at school than stuck at home. I threw up 7 times(TMI I know.).

Anyways, Saturday was Andrea's Birthday party! It was great. Bowling, I lost, badly. 49 pins. Shakey's afterwards. It was delicious, we had a cupcake cake.

What's a cupcake cake?! Holy cow.

A cupcake cake are cupcakes put together and then frosting is spread all over the cupcakes and it looks like a cake, yet they are cupcakes. Pretty amazing I have to say.

Waldo. xD