Thursday, November 20, 2008

Oh Joy.

Date? 11/20/08, Thursday
Time? 9:19 PM
Current Mood? Ecstatic. xD
Current Music? We The Kings - All Again For You

This Tuesday @ 1AM PST, while all you lovely folks are in your cozy beds, do you know where I'll be? I will be at DisneyLand. That's right, you read it right, DisneyLand. You thought DisneyLand closed at 12(or whatever time they close on that day). You would be correct. I will be waiting in line for wristbands.

What?!?! Just wristbands?!

No, you tard.
These wristbands mean something. They mean I get to buy the Jonas: Burning Up Tour book thing, then get it signed by The Jonas Brothers. I will be waiting in line from 1 AM to at LEAST 12:30 PM. Because that is when they leave. Oh joy, but I will have my Jonas Twin with me, and other people that are just going to leave us for Disneyland at 8 AM.

Also, I am sorry that I have not posted a blog for more than a month. (: