Thursday, August 28, 2008

The girl that I would not name in the first blog.

So, you know how like an hour ago where I posted that 1 blog and I kept saying I wouldn't name her? I will anyways. She is mah best frand. :o

Her name is Brittany! :o



Breaking Dawn/The Seal of Disapproval


You know, I'm sure people are deathly afraid of whiny, pmsing, full of hormone teenage girls. And I am not saying I'm not afraid of them, because I am. The Twilight fandom is crazy.
But I'm going to post this anyways.

So let me tell you all who are going to yell at me for not being a true Twilighter:

1. I am. Just because I don't like 1 book does not mean I'm not a true fan.
2. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. Even a nobody like me.
3. I know your defending your book and all but saying 'OHMAHGAD. I CANT BELIEVE YU DON'T LYKE BREAKING DAWN. YU R SUCH AN UNTRU FAN.' is not defending it.

Now that we have that done. Reading this felt like it was a fan fiction piece that was called literature and was put on bookshelves being sold in stores everywhere with a seal of disapproval taped in front of it because disappointed Twilighters returned them.

I have to say even though Renesmee sounded adorable it was because she was born of the Mary Sue of the book. The baby Mary Sue. Without her would have been much better.

What disappointed me the most was that Stephenie led us up to a climax then let us fall flat on our faces. That was, the war. No, let me rephrase that, The wussies that just stood there and talked. Making everyone earning their peace would have been much better than what happened.
The excuse: The Voulturi didn't want to ruin their rep. NO, that is unacceptable. No war, no action, no one dieing. Except for that one chick we dont care about, except for Tanya and Kate.

The Personality Makeovers: No one acted like themselves in this book. Jacob didnt either, although he did act like himself the most. Which made him my favorite character in that book.

Teenage Pregnancy: Bella isn't exactly a teenager anymore, but that was still teenage pregnancy either way.

Marriage: They got married at a very young age. To young in fact. And ever since the wedding, they didn't act like themselves anymore.

The 'My Son' line: I threw my book on the floor the second time I read it. The first time I read it didn't bother me, all I did was laugh. Although the first time I read the book I actually enjoyed it.

Editing: On the second page of Chapter 3. Bella makes Charlie pancakes, 2 sentences later he is scowling into his cereal bowl. Also, blonde/blond is losing & gaining it's E a lot in this book.

That was a short review but it summed up a lot.
Even if I did not like this book at all. I did enjoy 2 things.

1. The Quil & Claire scene. It was adorable.
2. When Cauis slapped that one girl we dont care about.

3 blogs in one night. xD

See ya,

Celebrate back to school night. -.- wtf?

So people might say 'Why would you celebrate going back to school? rofl.' Like some people I talk to.

You know? I have no idea. So basically, it's pretty much where everyone come together and such and say 'OHMAHGAD. HAI'

So who was there(In our class that is)? People:
-Me. Of course.
-Nicole(But I was in the car once she got there.)
-Judy(He's a guy. Don't ask)
-Thomas F.
-Spawn of Ficus

Pretty much NOTHING happened, just talking and how school years were going by extremely fast. We found out where our lockers were, I was very happy where my locker was this year. Because last year mine was in the room with no air conditioning and in the bottom corner. This year it's still in the same room, except it's the top locker but away from the corner, THANK GOD. Bad thing is that Spawn of Ficus's locker is right next to mine, I don't have to talk to him though. That's pretty much it.

See ya,

A blog.

Hai, the name is Waldo. This is probably my first blog I have written since a year and a half. Not on this blog obviously, but others. I decided to start up another blog because well, a friend of mine, which I am not going to name, likes to complain about how I don't write in the million blogs I have.

What is this blog going to include?
Lame updates(like the name) of school. Since my friend, who I will still not name, moved to Canada.

NO, I will not be posting boring things such as lame assignments, just crap that goes on at that lame thing we call school.

And to wrap this up in a nice and short list:
1. The name is Waldo.
2. I'm an age.
3. I live somewhere.
4. I am female.
5. This blog is going to consist lame updates of school and possibly other things.
6. My friend better read this blog or this was for nothing.

See ya,