Thursday, August 28, 2008

A blog.

Hai, the name is Waldo. This is probably my first blog I have written since a year and a half. Not on this blog obviously, but others. I decided to start up another blog because well, a friend of mine, which I am not going to name, likes to complain about how I don't write in the million blogs I have.

What is this blog going to include?
Lame updates(like the name) of school. Since my friend, who I will still not name, moved to Canada.

NO, I will not be posting boring things such as lame assignments, just crap that goes on at that lame thing we call school.

And to wrap this up in a nice and short list:
1. The name is Waldo.
2. I'm an age.
3. I live somewhere.
4. I am female.
5. This blog is going to consist lame updates of school and possibly other things.
6. My friend better read this blog or this was for nothing.

See ya,

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