Thursday, August 28, 2008

Celebrate back to school night. -.- wtf?

So people might say 'Why would you celebrate going back to school? rofl.' Like some people I talk to.

You know? I have no idea. So basically, it's pretty much where everyone come together and such and say 'OHMAHGAD. HAI'

So who was there(In our class that is)? People:
-Me. Of course.
-Nicole(But I was in the car once she got there.)
-Judy(He's a guy. Don't ask)
-Thomas F.
-Spawn of Ficus

Pretty much NOTHING happened, just talking and how school years were going by extremely fast. We found out where our lockers were, I was very happy where my locker was this year. Because last year mine was in the room with no air conditioning and in the bottom corner. This year it's still in the same room, except it's the top locker but away from the corner, THANK GOD. Bad thing is that Spawn of Ficus's locker is right next to mine, I don't have to talk to him though. That's pretty much it.

See ya,

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