Monday, December 1, 2008

Uh, 1 2.. , oh whatever.

Date? 12/1/08
ThursdayTime? 5:29 PM
Current Mood? Bored out of my mind.
Current Music? Live Your Life(ft. Rihanna) - T.I.

So, since my last blog, I have so many things to say. xD

Numero Uno.

This is from my livejournal.( This was posted like on the 21st.

So, as of tonight, I am not going to the Jonas Brother's Book Signing. Instead, I will just be going to Disneyland and California Adventure. I am making my friends rent me a wheelchair as I sob.

I am never going to meet the Jonas Brothers, I am never going to get my 'I LOVE YOU TIFFANY <3'
Oh well, I'll get over it.

Monday - Knott's Berry Farm
Tuesday - Disneyland
Wednesday to Friday - Thanksgiving with other peoples.

This going to be a fun week(Except for the fact I will not be seeing the Jonas Brothers, obviously). ;]

Numero Dos.
And since that blog, I did not go to Disneyland. But I did go to Knott's.

Whoa. Lots of italics there.

Who was there? Besides me, of course.

I got nauseated off of:
-The Dragon Swing thing.
-The Swings.
Oh what joy. <3
I'm just surprised I didn't get sick off going on the spinny hats, after going on it five times.

I got headaches off of:
-Ghost Rider.
-Montezuma's(sp?) Revenge

How many rides did I go on?
I don't knoww. How about you count?

-Silver Bullet. Twice
-Log Ride. Twice
-Supreme Scream. Three times.
-Hat Dance. Five times. They went on it ten times.
-The Dragon Swings. Mitch and I went on it twice. They went on it three times.
-Ghost Rider. Once. Nicole and Tessa went on it twice.
-Sierra Sidewinder. Once.
-The Swings. Mitch and I went on it once. No one else did.
-Big Foot Rapids. Me once. Them twice. I got really wet. :
-Jaguar. Once. And someone scared us on there with a huge roar. 5 seconds later I started screaming. haha. Late responsee.
-The Revolution. Nicole, Tessa, and I once.
-Calico Mine Ride. Once.

So, yea.

Numero Tres(sp? lol).

The Block.
Judy and I were going to meet people there. But she decided not to go once we got there. Oh fun! What a butt she is.

Numero Cautro(sp? lol).

I can't believe I saw that awful movie twice. What movie am I talking about? Twilight.
Sound effects each time he sparkles, really?
Cedric Diggory > Edward Cullen.

Cedric Diggory doesn't sparkle.

Numero Cinco.

Thank you Savannah for hurting my foot on Saturday as I dropped the tape dispenser on it, when you screamed into the phone, then continued to tell me you had 30 minutes until you went to go sit down for the Jonas Brothers concert, thank you. Sarcasm, of course.

Numero Seis(sp? lol).

Now, I am sitting here. Doing chapter responses for the book The Outsiders, great book btw.
Although, I find these chapter responses pointless.