Friday, September 26, 2008

Morning! :P

Date? 9/26/08, Friday.
Time? 9:09 AM
Current Mood? Exhausted.
Current Musing? Demi Lovato - Party

You might be wondering, 'I thought you were going to Disneyland.'
No worries, I thought that too. Its been 3 hours since I woke up. Oh well, I finished my book during my 3 hours of wait. I'll probably will be going later. So I woke up at 6. For nothing. When I could have just woke up now.

I'm gonna stop complaining there.

So, good morning people. How is your morning so far? What are you going to do today on this lovely Friday. Most of you probably will be going to school, correct? Ahah! That's what I love about days where we get an off and others don't, barely anyone is on.
Pointless blog. About nothing. Whatever. Adios!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

So a "Twin"? 6 AM? Complaining children?

Date? 9/25/08, Thursday. As stated before.
Time? 9:51 PM
Current Mood? Still content [:
Current Music? Hello Beautiful - Jonas Brothers

I have a "twin". A Jonas twin to be specific. We pretty much fangirl about the Jonas Brothers. Ahah. She would be, Savannahhh. (: She is one of the greatest people ever, mainly because she will be giving me 2 cupcakes on Monday. Jokingg.

Tomorrow, I will be waking up at 6 AM. Why you ask? To go to Disneyland. Sure, Disneyland is fun. But I would rather go to Knott's for Knott's Scary Farm. But my mother would disapprove of me staying at an amusement park until 12 AM with other friends of my age. I think she probably thinks I will be raped by those monters in the mazes. Not kidding. Such a bummer.

Anyways, on to the complaining children. These children are my age. Yes, my age. Earlier this evening I was taking this survey to fill my useless time. And they had a question that went along these lines: When is your next road trip?
I replied with:
Eh probably. October or November. 6 hours! -.- Christ. That sucks. And then the road trip after that will be probably 8 hours. TO THE SAME PLACE. Because that road trip will include children who will be all 'OHMAHGAD. I NEED TO PEE. I NEED TO EAT. BLAHHH. GET ME OUT OF THIS CAR.' At least I don't have to pee and eat all the time on 6 hour road trips(I don't have to everrr go.). Just give me a full bag of hot cheetos, A book, A pillow, and my iPod. All set. Just make sure theres a fricken Starbucks nearby each time we stop. K thanks. OH and famiy(who live close to San Fran.). Come mysteriously meet me. rofl.

So, I was saying how we are having a week trip to San Francisco, Sacramento, and Yosemite. And how I don't have to go the bathroom during 6 hour trips and that this 6 hour trip will be 8 hours and how I need hot cheetos, a book, a pillow, my iPod, and a Starbucks near by each stop to be satisfied. Pretty much. And also how relatives should mysteriously meet me in San Francisco.


I said I wouldn't abandon it, but I did anyways.

Date? 9/25/08, Thursday.
Time? 9:02 PM
Current Mood? Content. [:
Current Music? Can't Have You - Jonas Brothers

So, I might have told you, that I wasn't going to abandon this blog. Well I did. And it's a month later. School has started. And instead of updating my friend on this blog I decided to be lazy and update her on AIM.

You might wonder, why the:
Current Mood?
Current Music?

I just decided to do something new, is that oh so wrong? I think not. Well, to update you all. Since the last time I posted a blog, I have changed my taste in music. From bands such as: Boys Like Girls, Metro Station, All-American Rejects, Paramore, and much more to,
The Jonas Brothers.
Such a change. Right? I know.
My favorite brother? Frankie Jonas. Should I include pictures? Or is that too much?
I'm gonna say that is too much.

And I do adore Nick Jonas. Like most girls. Fine, hate a girl for her obssessions. D:

Anyways, to continue into the lame topic. How has school been? It's been pretty good. I guess.

Any drama? Hah, probably. I just wasn't there for it. So today is a Thursday and I have no school tomorrow. 3 day weekend!