Thursday, September 25, 2008

I said I wouldn't abandon it, but I did anyways.

Date? 9/25/08, Thursday.
Time? 9:02 PM
Current Mood? Content. [:
Current Music? Can't Have You - Jonas Brothers

So, I might have told you, that I wasn't going to abandon this blog. Well I did. And it's a month later. School has started. And instead of updating my friend on this blog I decided to be lazy and update her on AIM.

You might wonder, why the:
Current Mood?
Current Music?

I just decided to do something new, is that oh so wrong? I think not. Well, to update you all. Since the last time I posted a blog, I have changed my taste in music. From bands such as: Boys Like Girls, Metro Station, All-American Rejects, Paramore, and much more to,
The Jonas Brothers.
Such a change. Right? I know.
My favorite brother? Frankie Jonas. Should I include pictures? Or is that too much?
I'm gonna say that is too much.

And I do adore Nick Jonas. Like most girls. Fine, hate a girl for her obssessions. D:

Anyways, to continue into the lame topic. How has school been? It's been pretty good. I guess.

Any drama? Hah, probably. I just wasn't there for it. So today is a Thursday and I have no school tomorrow. 3 day weekend!

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