Friday, September 26, 2008

Morning! :P

Date? 9/26/08, Friday.
Time? 9:09 AM
Current Mood? Exhausted.
Current Musing? Demi Lovato - Party

You might be wondering, 'I thought you were going to Disneyland.'
No worries, I thought that too. Its been 3 hours since I woke up. Oh well, I finished my book during my 3 hours of wait. I'll probably will be going later. So I woke up at 6. For nothing. When I could have just woke up now.

I'm gonna stop complaining there.

So, good morning people. How is your morning so far? What are you going to do today on this lovely Friday. Most of you probably will be going to school, correct? Ahah! That's what I love about days where we get an off and others don't, barely anyone is on.
Pointless blog. About nothing. Whatever. Adios!

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