Thursday, September 25, 2008

So a "Twin"? 6 AM? Complaining children?

Date? 9/25/08, Thursday. As stated before.
Time? 9:51 PM
Current Mood? Still content [:
Current Music? Hello Beautiful - Jonas Brothers

I have a "twin". A Jonas twin to be specific. We pretty much fangirl about the Jonas Brothers. Ahah. She would be, Savannahhh. (: She is one of the greatest people ever, mainly because she will be giving me 2 cupcakes on Monday. Jokingg.

Tomorrow, I will be waking up at 6 AM. Why you ask? To go to Disneyland. Sure, Disneyland is fun. But I would rather go to Knott's for Knott's Scary Farm. But my mother would disapprove of me staying at an amusement park until 12 AM with other friends of my age. I think she probably thinks I will be raped by those monters in the mazes. Not kidding. Such a bummer.

Anyways, on to the complaining children. These children are my age. Yes, my age. Earlier this evening I was taking this survey to fill my useless time. And they had a question that went along these lines: When is your next road trip?
I replied with:
Eh probably. October or November. 6 hours! -.- Christ. That sucks. And then the road trip after that will be probably 8 hours. TO THE SAME PLACE. Because that road trip will include children who will be all 'OHMAHGAD. I NEED TO PEE. I NEED TO EAT. BLAHHH. GET ME OUT OF THIS CAR.' At least I don't have to pee and eat all the time on 6 hour road trips(I don't have to everrr go.). Just give me a full bag of hot cheetos, A book, A pillow, and my iPod. All set. Just make sure theres a fricken Starbucks nearby each time we stop. K thanks. OH and famiy(who live close to San Fran.). Come mysteriously meet me. rofl.

So, I was saying how we are having a week trip to San Francisco, Sacramento, and Yosemite. And how I don't have to go the bathroom during 6 hour trips and that this 6 hour trip will be 8 hours and how I need hot cheetos, a book, a pillow, my iPod, and a Starbucks near by each stop to be satisfied. Pretty much. And also how relatives should mysteriously meet me in San Francisco.


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